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Eclipse proxy authentication problems

So… I spent a good half hour today trying to figure out why eclipse wouldn’t connect to the android SDK update site.

Proxy host/port… check.
Proxy authentication… check.
The site exists… check.

No wait, last time I was in there I was sure I’d clicked ‘save’… why isn’t it saving my username and password. I’ve had this problem before when I first started at Orange… took me a good day or two to get my environment fully set up.

After filling it in again and going around the same circle for a little while, and monkeying around with the secure storage section I came across this:

Adding this line to your eclipse.ini will solve the issue:

In a few words the above command says that Eclipse can access the web via the *.pac files of the HTTP clients (eg Internet Explorer or Firefox). You’ll still need to enter your proxy settings again, one final time…

With thanks to ‘Comments after the EOF’: