Intelligent Home Series

This is my Intelligent Home series.

The point of doing this is to document how I have set up my home network, and to share it with other people.
I’m a self employed Freelancer / Contractor. If you find it useful, please donate!

The obsessive bits

Let’s be honest, you don’t need to set up a kickass network for a decent home automation solution, but why not! Skip to part #4 if you just wan’t to get to setting up your Home Automation system.

Part 1 – Hardware
What do you want to run your home automation platform on? This can be anything from a raspberry pi, your second hand laptop, or a home server.

Part 2 – Virtualization & Storage
This set of tutorials will show you how to set up a secure virtualized home environment – including network shares for easy access to your media.

Part 3 – Infrastructure & Networking
Here I talk about setting up my server as a web gateway (port forwarding) and some of the things I’ve done with my local network to secure things up a bit.

Part 4 – Getting some Home Automation goin’ on