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How To: Export a VMWare VM to XenServer

This How To covers exporting a VMWare Virtual Machine to an existing XenServer installation.

A quick one today. I created a VM in VMWare Workstation and after testing some things decided I wanted to add it to my Xen cluster.

Luckily you can export machines into the OVF standard, which can then be imported natively by XenServer.

Select your Virtual Machine in Workstation and power it down. Suspend may also work but I didn’t test this. While still selected, select from the File menu -> Export to OVF and select a location to export the machine to.


From the File menu in XenCenter click `Import` and select `Import OVF/OVA Package` and follow the steps.


How To: Move a docker container to another host

Saving this here for future reference.

If you wan’t to move a container that you’ve set up (i.e. from development to production) and you don’t yet want to push it to docker hub, here’s a way to move it:

  1. Export the container to a tarball
    docker export <CONTAINER ID> > /home/export.tar
  2. More your tarball to the new machine
  3. Import it back
    cat /home/export.tar | docker import – some-name:latest

VMWare tools download link (and installing it in a Linux Mint guest)

While trying to get VMWare tools installed inside a Linux Mint guest I thought I’d look around to see if I could find an ISO that I could mount manually inside the guest.

Eventually I figured out that you need to select Ubuntu as your OS inside VMWare Workstation, otherwise if you have selected ‘Linux – Other’ as your OS the mounting process fails (or it possibly VMWare doesn’t even attempt it)

In case anybody else finds they need the Linux version of the tools, here’s the latest TGZ:
download link

(VMWare: please don’t sue…!)