Monthly Archives: September 2014

Creating an Intelligent Home Part 1

So my favourite project of 2014 has definitely been a series of API’s to run on my home network.

This has allowed me to do things like issue voice commands through an Android app using the voice recognition APIs and have a system on my network action those commands (like “Download the latest game of thrones”) and have it automagically appear on my home media centre in the living room (running XBMC). This could be drastically extended though and that’s the purpose of this series of blog posts – planning how I’m going to create a smarter home, one that lets me monitor what’s going on inside (webcams, sensors), control the temperature, set up events to happen when I get home etc.

I want to move away from a set of disparate “hacks” and turn it into a standard piece of software that can run on commodity hardware, and has a nice user interface. Ideally it will run on a wide range of hardware, from a Raspberry Pi at the bottom end to a PC, MicroServer or blade.

Technical parts ahead!

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